Do you believe people should be held accountable for their actions?  I will venture to guess your answer is yes.  Now, do you believe that doctors should be held liable for the patient care they give?  Again, a yes I'm sure.  But ponder this, what if a doctor does not act in the best interest of his patients, does not act in a responsible way, does not take the concerns a patient voices seriously, resulting in misdiagnosis, injury or worse, death? 

Many try to put the fault of doctors uncaring attitudes upon health insurance companies saying that they involve themselves too much in the doctor/patient relationship, but how can a professional actually try to pawn off the responsibility of what they do in their office or in the hospital to be ruled by what a health insurance company policy says?  Doctors take a hippocratic oath to give the best possible care to each and every patient, that oath should not be ever forgotten,  nor should it be the excuse for any practitioner to not feel they are culpable for malpractice.

Malpractice.  It occurs on a regular basis, but some patients feel so dejected or have undergone so much at the hands of their care giver they never file a medical grievance, they've become so devastated and/or tormented by their treatment that many lose heart.  As a result there are more people who are in turn treated with the same uncaring approach.

What will it take to make doctors realize it is not an insurance company's duty to give the best possible medical care to people, but rather it is the responsibility of the doctors themselves.  They hide behind policies instead of living up to what they pledged.  Doctors try to discredit the patients. Would we tolerate this type of treatment from the people we encounter in our daily lives?  Why then should we concede?  Negligence on the part of practitioners is often dismissed by a peer review panel...where is the justice to those who have been victimized?
If you feel that something needs to be done to ensure that doctors are held accountable for their actions please take the time to educate yourself on just how to seek wouldn't want to be the victim of a malpractice. If you were, what would or could you do?  Become informed on your rights as a patient...if we are going to receive the treatment we deserve. 

Here is my personal story of what malpractice did to me, my baby and our family.  Your heart will ache for a long time after you read my agonizing undergoings, that now ten years later I was still pursuing justice for and instead of letting it go, I found the strength to fight for not only my own encounter with a doctor who disregarded me but am also promoting support for the effort of making our medical professionals accountable for their actions.

Please read my story, read the information I have graciously supplied you with and take with you the respect we deserve that anticipated doctors have professed to give us as their patients, to have them take our concerns earnestly not that of someone who is ignorant.  All of us have to make doctors accountable for their mistakes and hold malpractice as a criminal act rather than just a horrible mistake.

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CBS's 48Hours debuted their segment called "Judging Dr. Morgan" on May 4, 2000. For the past 13 years it has been re-aired off and on via other networks such as ID under 48Hours Mystery or 48Hours Hard Files. Check your listings off and on for future episodes titled, " Judging Dr. Morgan" under those segments.

Thank you for your support...our voices will be heard & we will be treated with respect, compassion & empathy, but only if we speak up & say we will not accept maltreatment.

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Survivor Creed

We are survivors who had no choices,
Our hopes and dreams are gone today,
We hear our children echoing tomorrow's voices,
We were drawn together along the way.
Our creed is to support each other for a beginning of new hope,
That we make it through another day with a smile on our face,
We lived our lives in the past and tried to cope,
For a path our lives will follow to a better place.

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